Hello! I'm Everlitz Rosado, owner of éBoutiké. Today I want to share a little more about my store and how it all started.


In 2005, when my youngest son was born, I made the decision to quit my job in the private sector to take care of my children. After a year, I began looking for work-from-home alternatives, as my priority was to take care of my kids. That's when the idea of creating an "online" store emerged. In fact, our boutique was featured by the newspaper El Vocero, Caras magazine, and Caribbean Business as the first online boutique in Puerto Rico.


I've always liked shoes, so at that time the store only sold women's footwear. Then I started participating in professional conventions, bazaars, and at Costco stores, and it was here that we began selling clothing. This is how my desire to have a physical store grew.


Once the children started school, my husband and I took on the task of finding a location. We arrived at Popular Center; the area where the store is located was undergoing development, and this place met one of my requirements: a schedule that wouldn't interfere with my family and church time. We started the process with great excitement and opened to the public in May 2011.


Being located in the Popular Center building gives us the opportunity to have a relationship and provide personalized service to our clients, and for us, providing good service is essential. That's one of the things I like most about this location; I love the dynamics that occur in this work environment.



During the pandemic, there was a need to reactivate the website, this time with a greater variety of products. Currently, we are a boutique jeweler, offering renowned jewelry brands such as UNOde50, Pandora, Ti Sento, Swatch, among others, in addition to footwear and costume jewelry. This gives us the opportunity to offer our clients variety and quality. Over these 17 years, we have gone through different situations, but thanks to God and the support of my family, we are still standing, and with many plans ahead.


I await you at éBoutiké, Tu boutique en la Milla de Oro.



Everlitz Rosado



Everlitz Rosado