Hello, autumn lovers! I'm Everlitz Rosado, the owner of éBoutiké, Tu boutique en la Milla de Oro. Today I want to share with you a perfect way to bring the magic of this season into your home: THYMES autumn fragrances.

Autumn is a magical time of year. Colors change, the weather gets cooler, and the nights grow longer. For many of us, this season brings memories of home and comfort, and what better way to recreate that feeling in your own space than with the right fragrances.

This year, at éBoutiké, we have two THYMES fragrances that capture the essence of autumn in a unique and special way: Nostalgic Thymes FragancesPumpkin Laurel and Welcoming Simmered Cider. These fragrances are available in candles, gift sets, and diffusers, meaning you can choose how you want to enjoy them.

Nostalgic Pumpkin Laurel is a fragrance that will transport you to moments of nostalgia. Imagine autumn spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves blending harmoniously with creamy pumpkin and sweet orange peel. This classic blend of sweetness and spices will fill your home with a cozy and warm feeling. It's the perfect fragrance to relax on your couch with a soft blanket and a good book.

On the other hand, Welcoming Simmered Cider is the warmth of tradition in a bottle. This fragrance is like a cozy hug in the form of aroma. It's a carefully crafted blend of freshly pressed apples, crushed cloves, cardamom, and hints of bourbon and malted rum. When you have it in your home, you'll create a warm and fragrant experience that will make you feel welcome every time you walk through the door.

In addition to being a perfect addition to your home, these THYMES fragrances are also great gift ideas for friends and loved ones. You can take the spirit of autumn wherever you go by giving a THYMES candle or diffuser, and of course, you can get them at éBoutiké. What better way to show your appreciation than with a touch of autumn?

At éBoutiké, we love bringing the beauty and magic of each season into your life. We want you to feel the comfort and joy that this season brings, and our THYMES fragrances are a perfect way to do that. Visit us at your boutique in San Juan and bring autumn home today!

Thank you for being part of the éBoutiké family.


Everlitz Rosado



Everlitz Rosado